How and where did JF-17 shoot down 6 Rafales?

As you can see on the screen, Eurasia Times has published a report in which it has been claimed that in the year 2021, we have defeated 6 Rafale fighters This is the Pakistani claim and the one who is talking about the 6 Rafale fighters is not the Indian Rafale fighters No, this is the French Rafale fighters Actually, the fighters who are talking about the Rafale fighters are the Qatar fighters Actually, when India had dealt with the Rafale fighters, after a while, Qatar also bought the Rafale fighters from France in some documents Now, in 2021, Qatar and Pakistan both countries took part in a war in Turkey Now, in this war, Pakistan took part in the JF -17 fight and Qatar took part in the new Rafale fighters During this war, Pakistan has said that our JF -17 did not only successfully target the Rafale fighters, but also shot them down Although, when there is a war, the fighters do not actually shoot down, they just target the people and fire at the simulation Pakistan has said that during this war, our JF -17 fighter, Rafale did not only target the fighters, but also shot them down After watching this news, you can go to Twitter, all the aviation experts, not only from India, but from America, Britain, Europe, and even China are some experts who are digging their heads Because, you have killed the Rafale fighters, it is not a big deal But from JF -17, a fighter who has declared a war in the world, and more than that, Pakistan has claimed that we have killed 6 Rafale fighters But they are not able to tell us how What is their plan, which is why they have done this, because if you look at the paper on the ground, any kind of advantage of Rafale against JF -17 is not there Ask Pakistan yourself, they will not be able to tell us that our JF -17 is better in this matter than Rafale So when there is no big advantage, then how can you go and shoot them down, this is a senseless matter And that is why all the aviation experts are digging their heads, because it is said that, as you have defeated the Farali of 700 horsepower with the 100cc Splendor in a race Now you tell me yourself, how can you defeat the 100cc Splendor Farali with your own paper and ground How can you defeat the 100cc Splendor Farali in any way? 

JF-17 shoot down 6 Rafales

This is an impossible thing, there is no advantage of any kind of Farali against Splendor You can say that you eat less oil, otherwise there is no sense Although you will get a lot of Pakistanis on Twitter, on social media, who will show this news and make a lot of noise So you just have to tell them that this is a good thing, your JF -17 has defeated our Rafale, it is a very happy thing But don’t tell us this, tell the Myanmar, why? 

JF-17 shoot down 6 Rafales

Because the Myanmar has already grounded all the JF -17 fighters who had fought for a few weeks So the JF -17 is a very happy fighter jet, you can defeat the JF -17 fighter jet Rafale This is a mistake of the Tiger, because if the Tiger will argue with the donkey, then the respect for it is increasing In the jungle, this will spread that the donkey has become so conscious that he is fighting with the Tiger That is why I say that whatever they want to say, they keep saying No one is forced to argue with them, no need to talk to them Although you have any comment on the whole issue, do tell, thank you very much for read this article.


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